Scaltrol Filters

SC-50 & SC-100

Scaltrol SC50 & SC100

HSC-50 & HSC-100

Scaltrol HSC-50 & HSC-100


Scaltrol SC-500

Scaltrol descaling filters are a perfect for pressure washers, especially hot water pressure waters. Scale tends to build up throughout the pressure washers in our area because the water is very hard. Heating coils usually see the most build-up because minerals and metals fall out hot water easier than cold. But anywhere in the system scale can and will build up. The SC-50 (50,000 gallon) when used with a 4 GPM pump will give you over 208 hours of trigger time before the media cartridge needs replaced. NOT 208 hours of run time but 208 hours of actual spray time in most pressure washer configurations.