The Neutralizer

The Neutralizer Washbay

The Neutralizer System consist of three major components, four if you count the pressure washer.

1. Drive-over Unit – dual pad, dual spray bar, (one rinse bar, one chemical bar)

2. High Pressure Manifold – one inlet for connection to the pressure washer, two outlets (one to each spray bar) controlled by high pressure ball valves.

3. Detergent Selector Manifold – plumbed to a downstream injector mounted on the high pressure manifold, the detergent selector manifold allows you to choose from 4 separate chemicals to spray through your wand(s) or drive-over unit. Normally plumbed with Sizzle (our brushless truck wash soap), D-Salt (our non-corrosive salt neutralizer) and Buckshot 10 Gauge De-Greaser . The 4th is great for specialty cleaners like disinfectants.

4. A pressure washer – minimum 4gpm @ 2000psi for proper spray pattern out of the drive-over.