Wands & Lances

Wands & Lances

At Enzo’s, we carry several lines of pressure washer wands and lances – many more than we can simply share online. Our inventory includes models from Mecline, HPC, Suttner, General Pump and Spray-Flex, as well as telescoping wands, flexible lances and many other options. And, if we don’t have the wand or lance you’re looking, for we’ll either find it or make it. 

We have short lances for tight areas, extended length lances for gutters, tanks etc. We have flexible lances and dual lance wands which puts detergent control in your hands.

Get the right tool for the right job at Enzo’s. Let us know how you’re using your pressure washer and what you need a new wand or lance for, and let our experts recommend the perfect wand for you.

Find the Right accessories

Get the cleaning power you need. Let our team help. Contact Enzo’s today for help selecting the right accessories for your operations.