Pressure Washer Service/Repair

Pressure Washer Service/Repair

pressure washer service and repair

Enzo’s technicians offer convenient options for on-site and in-house pressure washer service and repair. We’re an authorized pressure washer repair center for Hotsy & Mi-T-M, and our team also offers service on all brands and types of pressure washers.

Loss of pressure and/or heat are the most common repairs. In Ohio, scale build-up from hard water is often a problem. Left unchecked, this will affect the performance of your pressure washer. Ask about our Scaltrol filters and other ways to prevent scale from impacting your cleaning equipment.

Loss of Pressure

Pressure in your cleaning equipment can often be restored without rebuilding the pump. In our area, pressure loss is frequently the result of scale build-up either in the unloader or in the heating coil.

Unloaders are an inexpensive, normal wear item. Scale builds up on the bypass seat and check valve. This means more flow is bypassed, causing less pressure. Unloaders can be rebuilt and descaled, but usually it’s less expensive to replace them.

Scale also builds up in heating coils, especially if they are not cooled down after each use. In wash bays with multiple users it’s not uncommon to see 50% or more loss of pressure through the heating coil. We offer coil descaling service to get the pressure back

Gas Powered Pressure Washer repair

No Heat

Loss of heat repairs in pressure washer’s are far more frequent with diesel heat burners than with natural gas or propane burners. But no matter what type of heating platform you have there are a few common component failures that make up the majority of loss of heat repairs. Most loss of heat situations are caused by failure of the safety controls and not by the burner itself.

Thermostats don’t last forever, eventually they fail. The capillary tube running from the probe back to thermostat contact is easily damaged. Thankfully thermostats are very inexpensive to replace.

Flow switches and  pressure switches ensure that sufficient water is moving through heating coil before allowing the burner to ignite. Scale build-up can cause these components to fail, but so does normal use as they are a wear item. Both are relatively inexpensive to replace and they should NEVER be bypassed.

Hotsy Burner Problem

Diesel Heat 

Diesel burners periodically require tune-ups. The fuel nozzle wears out with time affecting the fuel spray pattern. Incorrect spray patterns result in poor burns, smokey, soot filled coils. Eventually the fuel saturates the coil insulation and the coil must be pulled and re-wrapped. It’s must cheaper to address these issues before the insulation becomes saturated.

Another common failure with diesel heat pressure washers is the diesel fuel pump. When the burner switch is on the fuel pump is spinning. If you run out of fuel while pressure washing the fuel pump spins dry and can seize. ALWAYS turn the burner switch off if you run out of fuel.

Request Pressure Washer Service

Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions offers custom tailored Preventative Maintenance (PM) packages to suit your unique needs. Our PM service is designed to identify issues before they result in down time. For more information regarding our PM services, contact us today by clicking below or call us at 419-502-0007.