Restoration Detergents

Restoration Detergents

Breathe new life into worn surfaces with restoration detergents. These specially formulated solutions are made to rejuvenate the look of stained and heavily soiled surfaces like brick, glass and concrete – even siding, molding and decks.

Give your surfaces a fresh, clean and restored look with restoration detergents from Enzo’s.


One Restore

  • Removes the deepest stains from virtually any surface
  • Restore glass and anodized aluminum
  • Remarkable versatility


  • All-purpose mild acid cleaner
  • Use on homes and in light duty commercial applications
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces

Burn Restore

  • Designed to be used on smooth face glazed brick
  • Does not burn like hydrofluoric acid
  • Has no effect on unburned masonry surfaces or glass
  • Will not cure acid burn on the surface
  • Proven effective
  • One application has hidden acid burn for almost two decades


  • Non-hydrofluoric detergent
  • Designed for glazed brick, concrete and terra cotta
  • More effective than HF at removing black stains
  • Our most economical restoration detergent


  • Handles virtually any job around the house without scrubbing
  • Cleans molding, siding, decks, gutters, concrete, and awnings
  • Can be used on vehicles leaving behind a wax-like look
  • Exceptional at brushless removal of oxidized paint from metal siding


  • Solvent-based sealer, stain and paint stripper
  • Removes layers of acrylics, acrylic latexes, polyurethane, resin coatings
  • Especially good at removing curling compounds from concrete

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