Specialty Cleaning Products

Specialty Cleaning Products

Some surfaces require a special touch or a different approach to cleaning. Enzo’s offers a full line of specialty cleaning projects to tackle dirt and grime on surfaces like leather, fabric, wood, rubber, vinyl and specialty metals. 

Get the right tools for your cleaning job – including purpose-made detergents – at Enzo’s.


EZ Brite-NR

  • Premium metal polish guaranteed to remove tarnish
  • Restores a perfect luster to all metals
  • Great on brass, copper, and chrome
  • Cleans, polishes and protects metals in one step

Enzo's Wipes

  • Waterless hand wipes – strongest wipes available
  • Instantly remove just about anything from hands and most surfaces without rinsing
  • No harsh citrus solvents or alcohols to dry and chap the skin
  • No pumice abrasive in the towels
  • Contain natural beeswax and fruit oil
  • Biodegradable

Liquid Sunshine

  • Polish that is a blend of natural oils and water
  • Restores life and luster to any wood surface, paneling, cabinets
  • Rejuvenates leather furniture and upholstery

EZ Orange

  • Extremely versatile, multi-purpose, ready-to-use spray on cleaner
  • Powers through grease and grime on most washable surfaces
  • Great on floors, walls, metals, plastic, and vinyl
  • Pleasant orange scent

EZ Wheels

  • High-gloss, wet look tire protector and beautifier
  • High concentration of silicone to seal the tire
  • Use to restore and protect vinyl, leather, and rubber

Find the Right Solution

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