Construction Equipment Cleaning

Construction Equipment Cleaning

Construction is dirty work. No matter if you’re paving roads, clearing lots or tearing down and building new structures, your construction machinery is going to get covered in tar, asphalt, grease and grime. This built-up dirt can lead to rust, mechanical problems and other issues, making cleaning incredibly important.  

With Enzo’s line of construction equipment cleaning detergents, you’ll find solutions made for the transportation industry to keep your equipment running – and looking – clean. 


EZ Melt

  • Tar & Asphalt remover
  • Quickly and easily removes cold tar sealer, asphalt sealer, asphalt and roofing tar
  • Use on tools, equipment and vehicles
  • Solvent based
  • Non-foaming

C-Tar Melt

  • Tar & Asphalt remover
  • Water soluble, easily rinseable & non-hazardous
  • Safe for wood, metal and masonry surfaces
  • Does not cause discoloration of the surface
  • Aids in separation of tar residue from rinse water if contained and stored briefly

EZ Slideout

  • Water-soluble
  • Produces rich foam under pressure
  • Designed for application to truck beds prior to asphalt load
  • Visual coating accomplished with minimal moisture
  • Sufficient slip without contamination of aggregate

EZ Punch-Out

  • Concrete Remover
  • Dissolves and removes concrete from trucks and vehicles
  • Safe, low pH organic salt, outperforms traditional acids
  • Easy to use
  • DOT classified as non-regulated material


  • Sugar acid concrete cleaner
  • Diluted 4:1
  • Softens concrete, even when it has cured
  • Removes lime
  • Will not etch windows
  • Does not fade paint

CT Wash

  • Removes light to medium build up of excess concrete from mixers
  • Perfect for maintaining vehicles
  • Highly dilutable when regularly used
  • For heavy build-up use two or three applications spaced 5 minutes apart


  • High alkaline
  • Removes heavy soil deposits from metal, wood or masonry
  • Highly dilutable
  • Strips latex and enamel paint
  • Softens heavy black smoke

EZ Road-Crud

  • D-Limonene based degreaser
  • Highly effective on all road film
  • Biodegradable with citrus aroma
  • Safe alternative to toxic or hazardous petroleum-derived chemicals
  • Cuts down cleaning time

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