Wash Bay Design

Wash Bay Design

You want your wash bay to be efficient, effective and SAFE when washing your fleet. Let the experts at Enzo’s help.

We offer a full range of equipment, accessories and design services to help you create the perfect wash bay that handles your every need, including our own undercarriage washer – The Neutralizer – to tackle your fleet preservation and extend the life of your investment (fleet).

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Wash Bay Equipment & Accessories


The Neutralizer – Fleet Preservation

Made by Enzo’s, The Neutralizer undercarriage cleaning system’s purpose is to help fight corrosion due to road salt and brine.

undercarriage sprayer

Portable Undercarriage Unit

In addition to The Neutralizer, Enzo’s offers several models of under carriage sprayers for your wash bay.

tower brush

Tower Brushes

Tower brush cleaning systems are an excellent way to quickly and completely clean buses, trailers and other tall vehicles.

Find the Right Wash Bay

Get the cleaning power you need. Let our team help. Contact Enzo’s today for help selecting the right Wash Bay equipment for your operations.