Fleet Preservation – The Neutralizer

Fleet Preservation – The Neutralizer

under carriage neutralzer

The Neutralizer is an Enzo’s original. We designed our undercarriage wash system to work with any pressure washer meeting the minimum flow and pressure requirements. Its purpose is simple – stop the corrosive effects of road salt and brine. 

The Neutralizer System consist of three major components – four if you count the pressure washer.


Detergent Distribution System

Plumbed to a downstream injector mounted on the high pressure manifold, the detergent selector manifold allows you to choose from four separate chemicals to spray through your wand(s) or drive-over unit. Normally plumbed with Sizzle (our brushless truck wash soap), D-Salt (our non-corrosive salt neutralizer) and Buckshot 10 Gauge De-Greaser. The fourth is great for specialty cleaners like disinfectants.


High Pressure Manifold

 One inlet for connection to the pressure washer, two outlets (one to each spray bar) controlled by high pressure ball valves.


Drive Over Unit

Dual pad & dual spray bar (one rinse bar, one chemical bar)


Pressure Washer

The Neutralizer works with your existing pressure washer Minimum 4gpm @ 2000psi for proper spray pattern. 

The Neutralizer
Undercarriage pressure washer

The Neutralizer Kills Corrosion

See how The Neutralizer helps deliver a powerful and complete clean for your fleet vehicles from top to bottom in this wash bay designed for the Westfield Fire & Rescue Department. 

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