Vapore Dry Vapor Disinfecting

Vapore Dry Vapor Disinfecting

Vapore’s line of commercial professional ecological vapor cleaning equipment is ideally suited to clean, sanitize, and disinfect any surface. Unlike conventional steam cleaners these machines produce a hot vapor (4%-6% humidity) so you can use them to clean electronics with virtually no dry time. You can disinfect touch screens and keyboards or degrease an engine block.

These machines have been certified to destroy SARS virus, coronavirus and many other contaminants. Working with high temperature and pressure, the Vapore line will complete your most difficult cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting tasks efficiently, effectively and thoroughly, while saving time and money in the process, and since it’s dry vapor – not steam – there is a low dry time.

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Vapore Vapor Cleaning Products

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Vapore hot vapor cleaners provide certified cleaning and disinfecting power without the need for chemicals. Learn more about Vapore systems at Enzo’s.