Transportation – Truck/Bus Wash

Transportation – Truck/Bus Wash

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Your fleet vehicles see many miles of dirt and grime day after day, year after year. Keep your trucks, buses and other fleet equipment looking clean with powerful detergent solutions designed to wash away the soils of the road.

Get rid of road salt, grease, mud and more with detergents made for the transportation industry at Enzo’s.



  • Salt Neutralizer & Brine Remover
  • Diluted 20:1
  • Non-acid
  • Dissolves all ice melt residue
  • Apply to undercarriage and outside of vehicle
  • May be used on carpet

EZ Fleet

  • Brushless – Degreaser, Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Wash
  • Diluted 20:1
  • Faster cleaning performance
  • Highly economical


  • Premium high-pressure detergent
  • Safe on paint, glass, vinyl, wheels, and all vehicle surfaces
  • Excellent at removing bugs
  • Pleasant tropical fruit fragrance
  • Non-acid and biodegradable

EZ Brite SS

  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum cleaner
  • Dilutes 8:1
  • Apply through pressure washer or pump sprayer
  • Brings shine back to stainless steel body
  • Removes rust stains without scrubbing

EZ Platinum

  • Designed to clean aluminum livestock trailers without scrubbing
  • Removes black streaks and dirt leaving new silver-like shine


  • Brushless truck wash
  • Dilutes 20:1
  • Apply with high or low pressure or foaming arch
  • High pressure application gives faster performance and higher dilutions
  • A favorite of Enzo’s customers – our biggest seller


  • General purpose cleaner
  • Dilutes 20:1
  • Cleans aluminum, stainless steel truck bodies (non-coated), floors of food trailers
  • Non-hydrofluoric acid
  • Biodegradable


  • Brushless vehicle wash
  • Dilutes 20:1
  • Spot free drying
  • Super-fast rinsing & rinses freely even if dried in high heat environments
  • Safe on paint

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