Transportation and Fleet Management

Transportation and Fleet Management

No one knows Transportation equipment like Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions. 

Enzo’s Cleaning Systems knows the unique needs of trasnportation fleets.

When it comes to fleet management, it’s important for you to know that your vehicles will be clean and problem-free throughout the year. Vehicles don’t perform to their fullest potential when they have dirt or salt in or around their moving parts. Leaving that grime on your vehicle will eventually degrade the metal and cause moving parts to decay and fail – not to mention reflecting poorly on your business. Don’t let dirt ruin your work vehicles; clean them with a pressure washer or custom-designed wash bay from Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions. Call today to get more information. 


Our Transportation Cleaning Equipment

We offer a full range of equipment, accessories and design services to help you create the perfect wash bay to handle your every need.


Wash Bay Equipment

Our staff is highly trained and experienced with providing consulting and design solutions for custom wash bay systems. Whether you need a custom truck washing station design or help creating the perfect wash bay layout, our team can work with you to identify your needs and recommend a solution that’s tailored for your operations. 

undercarriage sprayer

Portable Undercarriage Unit

In addition to The Neutralizer, Enzo’s offers several models of under carriage sprayers for your wash bay.


The Neutralizer – Fleet Preservation

Made by Enzo’s, The Neutralizer undercarriage cleaning system’s purpose is to help fight corrosion due to road salt and brine.

tower brush

Tower Brushes

Tower brush cleaning systems are an excellent way to quickly and completely clean buses, trailers and other tall vehicles.


We specialize in finding everything you need. Call our offices and speak to one of our trained sales representatives to assist you in finding the right equipment and detergents to complete your job safely and efficiently.


D- Salt

  • Salt Neutralizer & Brine Remover
  • Diluted 20:1
  • Non-acid
  • Dissolves all ice melt residue
  • Apply to undercarriage and outside of vehicle
  • May be used on carpet

EZ Fleet

  • Brushless – Degreaser, Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Wash
  • Diluted 20:1
  • Faster cleaning performance
  • Highly economical


  • Premium high-pressure detergent
  • Safe on paint, glass, vinyl, wheels, and all vehicle surfaces
  • Excellent at removing bugs
  • Pleasant tropical fruit fragrance
  • Non-acid and biodegradable

EZ Brite SS

  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum cleaner
  • Dilutes 8:1
  • Apply through pressure washer or pump sprayer
  • Brings shine back to stainless steel body
  • Removes rust stains without scrubbing

EZ Platinum

  • Designed to clean aluminum livestock trailers without scrubbing
  • Removes black streaks and dirt leaving new silver-like shine


  • Brushless truck wash
  • Dilutes 20:1
  • Apply with high or low pressure or foaming arch
  • High pressure application gives faster performance and higher dilutions
  • A favorite of Enzo’s customers – our biggest seller


  • General purpose cleaner
  • Dilutes 20:1
  • Cleans aluminum, stainless steel truck bodies (non-coated), floors of food trailers
  • Non-hydrofluoric acid
  • Biodegradable


  • Brushless vehicle wash
  • Dilutes 20:1
  • Spot free drying
  • Super-fast rinsing & rinses freely even if dried in high heat environments
  • Safe on paint

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